Kitchen Compliments:  SouthrnGritsKitchen

This week, meet Chelsea from SouthrnGritsKitchen.  As a southern girl myself, her food makes me drool!  I’ve even changed my planned dinner once due to her Instagram post 😳. I hope you enjoy meeting Chelsea!

1. When did you begin cooking?
I started cooking when I was 2. My great grandmother and Mawmaw taught me how to make pretty much everything from scratch. They would sit me in a high chair at only a few months old and I would watch them contently as they cooked meals. From homemade dumplings to homemade buttermilk biscuits. 
2. What inspires you to cook? 

Food is an art. My profession is art. It’s only right to be an epic foodie as well, right? I love to make people happy through not only my photography but also through my food. I love to experiment and whip up new recipes for my ever so sweet 7 year old to critique me on. {Her taste pallet is beyond impeccable}. Between her and my love of art, that’s all I need to fuel my fire for cooking great food.

3. What was your worst kitchen disaster?
I honestly don’t have many in my adult years, however as a child, I experimented nonstop. I’ll never forget the day I decided to cook my brother and I pizza. I literally was maybe 5 or 6 years old. I took flour and water, mixed it, flattened it, put pizza sauce and cheese on it. And then put it in the microwave for WAY too long. Smoke was everywhere, pizza sauce exploded in the microwave. But hey at least I was trying!😉

4. What is your favorite meal to cook?

I LOVE making homemade chicken and dumplings. There’s just something about a comfort food that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

5. For whom do you most enjoy cooking?

My family. Excluding my ridiculously picky 4 year old, they are up for trying anything that I put on the plate or in a bowl!

6. Do you meal plan for each week (or month)?
I tried that once however, I failed. I mix things up too much to meal plan. I’m an all over the place kind of person and I learned that for me, meal planning isn’t helpful.
7. If you cook for a family or other housemates, do you sit down as a group for dinner each night? What’s your favorite part of that?

We aren’t very traditional people. We just talk about randomness. That’s what I love most. Not being a cookie cutter southern family. We’re loud folks. And my girls are rambunctious. It makes everything interesting!

8. A tip for new or seasoned home cooks.

Always keep the basics in the kitchen! Salt, Pepper, Flour, Bullion Cubes, Oil, Butter, fresh herbs, and garlic! They’re staples in my house. I use most of it almost every other night!

9. Favorite Book or Movie.
Book- I don’t really have a favorite. It really ranges from To Kill a Mockingbird to The Host to Comic Books.

Movie- Deadpool, Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Star Wars (everyone of them), Pretty much ant Marvel or Dc Movie, Super Troopers, {I swear I’m an adult! just a nerdy one! At least tv series weren’t asked about because I’m a straight up Whovian too😉 }
Did you enjoy meeting Chelsea?  I did and am still laughing about her pizza incident!  Please go now and check out Chelsea on Instagram, Southrngritskitchen. I’ve got to go make some chicken and dumplings!

Til next week!

Kitchen Compliments: Ready to Yumble


Kitchen Compliments are going out to  Ross and Liz from Ready to Yumble this week.  This duo blogs at Ready to Yumble.    You can find them on Instagram at ReadytoYumble.  Make sure you have a full belly before visiting their blog, and be prepared to drool (hello, Nutella stuffed peanut butter blondies).  You’ve been warned.

  1. When did you begin cooking?  Who taught you?

Liz: My mom did 99% of the cooking in my house, and I grew up watching her and “helping.”  She always cooked without a recipe, and so I did the same.  It all felt so natural I didn’t even realize I was learning.  (Sneaky.)

Ross: Aside from snitching cookie dough, I’d say I started cooking when I was 11 or 12.  My parents made my sister and me each cook a dinner every week during the summer.  I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but it was good training to learn what it took to make a home cooked meal.  I learned mostly from my Mom, although I picked up grilling from my Dad (as well as my favorite Christmas cookie, which is about the only baking he does the whole year).

  1. What inspires you to cook?

Liz: So many things!  It relaxes me, it makes me feel good about what I’m feeding my body, it gives me a fun bond with Ross, and let’s be honest, sometimes I just want to put delicious things in my mouth!

Ross: Good food makes me happy.  And I get a sense of accomplishment when I execute a recipe well.  Also, I really love the look on Liz’s face when I surprise her with some new sinful baked good.

  1. What was your worst kitchen disaster?

Liz: The great pecan pie incident of 2014.  I was baking a pecan pie for Thanksgiving at my in-laws house, in their beautiful new Wolf oven (naturally).  This was a pie I had baked many times before, but this time I happened to use a pie plate my mother-in-law recommended…which happened to be perforated.  I assume the idea was air flow and a crispy crust, but my pie crust is heavy on shortening, and it literally leaked through the pan, followed by the liquid sugar filling.  The smoke alarms were blood curdling.  Not to mention the entire pie was a charred puddle on their oven floor.  Luckily they’re good people, so they opened some windows, handed me a bourbon, and encouraged me to try again…once the oven was clean.  And with a different pan.  (Second time worked out, thank goodness).  Attached is a picture of the remnants of my pie crust–all that was left in the pan– to reassure everyone that disasters happen, and life is not Pinterest!


Ross: I’m not sure this qualifies as a disaster, but last year I learned that when measuring how much oil is needed for deep frying, orientation is important.  We had planned on deep frying a Turkey for Thanksgiving, but having never done so before, we decided to do a test run with a chicken.  However, when I measured out how much oil was needed, I had the bird breast side down in the pot, as opposed to in a vertical orientation (the attached picture should help explain).  Ended up only having enough oil to cover about 1/2 of the bird!  So we had to pull it off the frying attachment, invert it, and fry it again.  But that’s why you practice before the big game/meal!


  1. What is your favorite meal to cook?

Liz: Probably pizza.  There’s so many things you can do with it, and it’s really hard to screw up!

Ross: Do cookies count as a meal?  I’m very much a dessert guy.  It’s what got me into cooking, so I really enjoy making really over the top cakes or sinfully rich tarts.


  1. For whom do you most enjoy cooking?

Liz: Ross🙂 I also love having friends over who will help us eat something more decadent or elaborate than we normally cook.

Ross:  Family.  Whether it’s a regular weeknight with Liz or a big family gathering, I really enjoy providing family with a good, hearty meal.

  1. Do you meal plan for each week (or month)?  If so, what is the advantage for you?

Liz: Yes, we plan by the week.  There’s a huge advantage in saving time (if we do it right, one trip to the store!), making sure we’re eating a healthy meal every night, and preventing the inevitable hunger pangs and cries of, “There’s nothing to eat in this house!”

Ross: As Liz mentioned, we plan by the week.  We use an app called Pepperplate the we really like.  It makes organizing meals and creating a shopping list much easier.  Also, what we can, we get from Costco, particularly meats.  Every few month, I’ll make a big run, and then spend a couple of hours trimming and portioning the various meat before putting it in the freezer.  It’s a pain, but it makes the weekday meals a lot easier.

  1. If you cook for a family or other housemates, do you sit down as a group for dinner each night?  What’s your favorite part of that?

Liz: Yes, we eat together almost every night. It’s a great chance to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.

Ross: Like Liz said, it’s very uncommon for us to eat separately.  We make an effort to sit down at the dining table for dinner (although admittedly we end up on the couch a night or two a week) so that we can get some time together.

  1. A tip for new or seasoned home cooks.
    If you’re cooking for one or two, but like to bake, the freezer is your best friend.  You can freeze balls of cookie dough and then bake a few at a time straight from the freezer.  You can freeze unbaked biscuit dough and later throw it right into the oven.  You can also freeze most finished baked goods for weeks or months.  I’ve frozen fully-frosted cupcakes and they defrost respectably well.

Another tip if you’re cooking for one or two: try cooking a full meal (main+side) on Monday and Tuesday.  Then you can mix the main from one day with the side from the other day to help avoid getting tired of eating the same thing for multiple days.



  1. Favorite book or movie

Liz: I’m a nerd…I love The Great Gatsby.  Ross makes fun of me.

Ross: Hard to choose, but the last book I really enjoyed was “What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions” by Randall Munroe.  It’s sort of like if “Mythbusters” started looking into more ridiculous questions.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Ross and Liz.  Although the main purpose of this series is to compliment others cooking abilities, my true compliment this week is how much Ross and Liz truly seem to LIKE one another. I will try out some of their recipes, but I believe what is really sticking with me after meeting them is putting forth a little more effort to enjoy my husband’s company.   Sometimes you just need little reminders.

Til next week!

Happy Birthday Bug

Today is the day.  Ace is one.  I can not believe how quickly the past year flew by.  Unbelievably fast.  I have been blessed with a wonderful son.  Not just because I think he is perfect, but because he hasn’t been a sick baby, with the exception of the occasional runny nose and one bout of stomach flu.  He has been a good sleeper for the most part .  He’s been even tempered and laid back.  He hasn’t had any major food aversions or allergies.  This is not to say children who are not the same as my son are not also wonderful.  They are.  All children are wonderful and deserve all the hugs and kisses possible.  I am just stating how extremely lucky I am to have had such an easy go with my first child.

Along with bragging on my perfect child, this is all to preface the food journey I chose for him.  It’s to let you know I had it relatively easy this first year, which allowed me to choose this journey,  and to ensure you everyone has their own path with different bumps in the road.  This just happens to be mine.

I chose to breastfeed Ace when he was born.   I never loved it.  It hurt.  He didn’t latch well.  I was constantly nervous he wasn’t getting enough nutrients. I took breastfeeding classes a month prior to his birth, thank goodness, so I had built a relationship with the lactation consultant at our hospital.  I visited with her twice.   All along, I told myself, I will nurse him while I’m off on maternity leave, then go from there.  That was as far as I could commit.  I pumped for about a month after returning to work and could not handle it any longer.  I applaud moms who are able to stick with it for a year or longer.  I just could not.  That’s a whole other issue.

I’m proud of myself for the time I was able to nurse him, but I also wish I’d been able to provide for him longer.  So, to help myself feel better about not nursing long enough, I decided I would make all his food. It’s been fun!  I took bits and pieces from all different types of feeding methods.  He ate purees, he ate chunks, he’s had some of the food my husband and I are eating.  However, I have stayed away from sugar (Saturday’s birthday cake should be interesting).  He also hasn’t eaten very much processed food — he’s had pasta, cheese, Cheerios, and “puffs”.  I did try to make puffs, but the 3 different recipes I tried were too hard for his toothless gums.

Once we left purees, it was a bit harder to find things for him to eat, or more specifically, for me to make ahead and send to his sitter.

Some of my favorite resources for baby foods are:

Kidsfooduniverse.comOn this site you could search by age.  Additionally, the recipes aren’t too outlandish.

Also follow on Instagram, babyfooduniverse.


Another great resource, plus I love the look of the site.

On Instagram, there is the hashtag, #healthykidscommunity.  I follow all of those accounts for ideas.

Here are a few of our favorite standbys.

Roasted Sweet Potato Coins

Preheat oven to 400*.  Peel 2-3 sweet potatoes.  Slice into 1/2 inch thick coins.  Add a little olive oil or coconut oil and mix well.  Place in a single layer on a baking sheet (use your Silpat mat!).  Stick in the oven for 40 minutes, flip once halfway through cooking.  Let them cool completely, then freeze in a freezer bag.

Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Preheat oven to 350*.   Mash 2-3 ripe bananas with 1/3 cup of oats (quick or old fashioned).  Add a little milk, for water to thin if needed.  Spoon teaspoon size cookies onto baking sheet (Silpat again!).  Cook for 12-15 minutes.  Cookies should be chewy.  Let them cool completely then freeze in freezer bag.

I added 2 tablespoons of peanut butter this time.  As your child is able to chew more, add a handful of dried fruit or nuts or seeds or even….chocolate chips!


Are you interested in more baby food recipes?



Kitchen Compliments: Cryssi Larocque

This week Kitchen Compliments features Cryssi Larocque. Cryssi is very passionate about cooking and it definitely shows in her tasty meals!  Check out some of her other amazing dishes on Instagram, chefwannabe15

#1 When did you begin cooking? Who taught you?

I’ve been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. My mom learned from her mom, and I learned from her. I was never shooed out of the kitchen as a child. I was allowed to “help” by stirring and adding ingredients. I had my place on the counter where I could sit and be part of all the action. I had a million questions to ask, and somehow my mom had the patience to answer. She has always encouraged my interest in the kitchen, even allowing me to buy foreign ingredients that neither of us had worked with so I could experiment with something I saw on Food Network. To this day, if my mom asks how I made something or comments that mine is better than hers, that is the ultimate compliment.

Cryssi Larocque (chefwannabe15)

#2 What inspires you to cook?

I’ve always been a creative person. I love to draw, write, paint, craft…..and cooking falls into the creativity category for me. It engages all the senses, and allows so much freedom to experiment. I don’t use measurements, and recipes are sort of more of an inspiration rather than rules. I’m inspired by what I see, who I’m with and how food can feed your soul. When I prepare a meal or baked item, I truly pour my heart and soul into it. It’s not the praise or the oohs and ahhs I love, it’s the heart warming feeling of knowing that my love was made edible.
#3 What was your worst kitchen disaster?

I have been very lucky in my 30+ years in the kitchen that I have never burned myself badly or cut myself. Nothing has exploded or set off the fire alarm. The one incident that stands out to me was from my teenage years. I love garlic. I put it in almost every dinner. I was chopping some garlic for a chicken caccitore style dish I was experimenting with. I probably had 8-10 cloves. My mom walks in and tells me instantly that I have way too much garlic. Being a teenager and thinking I know everything, I carried on and probably added a few extra cloves out of spite. Needless to say, it was nearly inedible. You were right, Mom.

Handmade sweet potato and chicken ravioli with brown butter sage sauce

#4 What is your favorite meal to cook?

I love to put on a nice spread for overnight guests for breakfast. I make a mean ham, cheese and green onion omelette and Finn pancakes. Dinner is over all my favourite to prepare. I love to use the freshest ingredients possible, which can be a challenge year round when you live in Northwestern Ontario (Canada). One of mine and my husband’s ultimate faves would be my grilled Maple Soy Ginger Salmon with rice or quinoa and chinese broccoli with hoisin and garlic.

#5 For whom do you most enjoy cooking?

I love cooking for my husband. Even after over 15 years he still thanks me for dinner every night. He can’t hide his love for good food, and it makes me happy. He has MS so I try to prepare very healthy meals for both of us to enjoy. I also love feeding my inlaws. They both come from a more “meat and potatoes” background, and it’s so fun to show them new things.

Lemon and herb roasted salmon, creamy turmeric rice and sauteed kale, onions, mushrooms and red pepper

#6 Do you meal plan for each week (or month)? If so, what is the advantage for you?

I try to do a weekly meal plan. I work shift work, so this makes it much easier to plan out our meals. I find it more efficient for grocery shopping as well. I always try to shop my own pantry and freezer first, and add in fresh produce.
#7 If you cook for a family or other housemates, do you sit down as a group for dinner each night? What’s your favorite part of that?

YES! I’m a firm believer in sitting together and sharing a meal while we talk about our day and just be together. Nothing makes you sit and take some time like a good home cooked meal!
#8 A tip for new or seasoned home cooks.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Feel your food. Taste your food as you go. Try new things. Have fun. Don’t take it so seriously, it’s just food. Just do it!

Roasted Curried Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup

#9 Favorite book or movie

I’m a sucker for a good comedy. I love Dumb and Dumber and Napolean Dynomite. As far as books, I really enjoy Mr. Sandman by Barbara Gowdy and right now I’m reading Furiously Happy by Jen Lawson and I can’t put it down.\


Are you drooling yet?!  Once you satisfy the overwhelming cravings you just developed, check out Cryssi on Instagram…chefwannabe15!

Menu Planner #6

It’s birthday week at my house!  My son will be 1 on the 21st, and I will be 34 on the 19th.  Holy cow to both of those.  Time is going faster than I ever imagined.  All the cliches I once rolled my eyes at are so true.  I know I am going to look up, and he is going to be in kindergarten.  I only looked away a second and he is a toddler.  It’s breathtaking.

In celebration of his first year of awesomeness, the menu planner this week is birthday themed.  Keep in it your file for birthday weeks at your house!  As always, please print and share!

Menu Planner #6

Menu Planner6

Kitchen Compliments: Bhumika Mehta

Meet Bhumika Mehta.  Healthy food blogger. Loves a good work out. Zumba. Enjoys hikes. Loves recipe making, food photography and styling. Social Media fanatic. Bubbly. Fun loving. Good vibing.

Find Bhumika on Instagram at thewritereats; or visit her blog for healthy recipes.

#1  When did you first begin cooking? Who taught you?

If you mean edible cooking, I started three years ago. Initially, mum showed me a few Indian recipes to cook for when I would be at university living the dorm life. I picked up from the internet, and especially Instagram!

fried eggs, spinach, tomato spiced beans and roasted potato breakfast

#2  What inspires to you cook?

Inspiration comes in many ways. Mine are- Love, Instagram’s healthy food bloggers and hunger.

#3  What was your worst kitchen disaster?

I’ve had a few as part of my learning experience. This happened when I was around 10. I had no interest in cooking but my neighbor and friend often cooked delicious food. This one time she made some deep fried banana things and it supposedly inspired me so much that I ran back to my home (my parents were at work) and I put in a good amount of effort and time into my creation, which finally resulted in a cup of green liquid. It tasted nastier than drinking eggs. The kitchen was a mess. Maybe some would consider it artsy fartsy art.

buff bake protein PB snack

#4  What is your favorite meal to cook?

I’m totally chill when it comes to healthy food… but if you insist, I’m big on flavor and taste. And if you really really insist, I enjoy cooking banana pancakes and compote, healthy crispy yam fries with tofu/chicken/ beans and rice, and my Thai inspired chicken in salad rolls.

#5 For whom do you most enjoy cooking?

I love cooking for my boyfriend and my sister the most. It makes my soul dance.falooda edit again


#6 A tip for new and seasoned home cooks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try things out! Yes, it is good to follow recipe instructions if you initially don’t know how to make something. But once you get comfortable with it, feel free to tweak it to your liking!

#7 Favorite book or movie.

Pink Panther, Ratatouille, Despicable Me.

light breakfast with mates.

Bhumika has some seriously fresh looking eats…check out more at thewritereats!

Kitchen Compliments: Michelle McCoy

The first gracious participant is Michelle McCoy.  You can find her tasty treats on Instagram at playforth_mccoy   From the picture below, you can see why she cooks so often!  Check out that precious family!

#1.When did you begin cooking?  Who taught you?

I began cooking when I became a wife. And by cooking, I mean heating things up. It wasn’t until around 5 years ago that I decided to see if I could actually make things I had been purchasing for years. I am a self-taught cook through trial and error.

#2 What inspires you to cook?

The challenge inspires me more than anything. I once spent 3 days making a baguette because I HAD to make it the authentic French way.

#3 What was your worst kitchen disaster?

I’ve had many: salt instead of sugar in cookies, forgetting to turn the oven or slow cooker on, rolls that could be used as hockey pucks.

MM-Cheesy scalloped potatoes
Cheesy scalloped potatoes cooked in a cast iron skillet, favorite food

#4  What is your favorite meal to cook?

A rotisserie style roast chicken with homemade bread and fresh green beans. Add in my husband’s smashed potatoes and it’s my kind of Heaven.

#5  For whom do you most enjoy cooking?

My 14 and 2 year old daughters, they are the least picky and willing to try most anything.

#6 Do you meal plan for each week (or month)?  If so, what is the advantage for you?

I meal plan ahead for 3 or 4 days at a time, looking at what activities we have or who will be with us. The advantage for me is being prepared, I hate trying to come up with something on short notice.

“Cupcakes I made for our oldest daughters birthday.  I absolutely love to bake.”


#7 If you cook for a family or other housemates, do you sit down as a group for dinner each night?  What’s your favorite part of that?

Yes, nearly every night. My favorite part is holding hands and praying before the meal.

#8 Tip for new or seasoned cooks.

Read the whole recipe at least once, preferably twice before you start. Prep anything (chopping veggies, shredding cheese) ahead of time. Both make cooking so much easier.

#9.  Favorite book or movie?

My favorite movie (and my husband’s least ) is The Notebook. I am a sucker for romance.

Til next Monday…  Go check out Michelle!

Hi! It’s me.

Hi!  I thought I would introduce myself a little.  My name is Maggie.  I have a husband, a 1 year old son, and a dog.  I also have a full-time job at an aerospace company.  I live in the deep South and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’ll take humidity and mosquitoes over snow and ice any day.   I’m extremely shy and have found the anonymity of this blog/Instagram account to be very fulfilling!  I can reach out to people without them really knowing who I am.  It’s also proven there are nice people everywhere.

Please stop by next Monday as I introduce some of the nice people I have met on this journey as I begin a series called Kitchen Compliments.  Kitchen Compliments will highlight the home cooks who I find to be inspirations to me.  My hope is to facilitate an atmosphere of community, or a guild, if you will.

Below you will find a Q&A I had with myself.  I hope you enjoy the answers.

#1  When did you begin cooking?  Who taught you?

I began cooking at an early age.  My mom was patient enough to let me help in the kitchen occasionally. She cooked supper most every night, nothing extravagant but home cooked. I particularly remember using the mixer.  I really began cooking meals when I was in college living in my first apartment.  My roommate and I watched The Food Network constantly and were always having friends over to sample our experiments.  We may have spent more money that year on cooking sherry than beer.
#2  What inspires you to cook?

The possibilities of the unknown inspire me to cook.  Before it is prepared, the possibility of the food being outstanding and beautiful still exist.  There is still the possibility that my husband will be enamored by the dish and request it be added to the rotation.    Before it is prepared, the dish still looks like the picture in my head or still tastes like it did at the restaurant.  Although I strike out at least a third of the time, the excitement of the possibility continues to bring me back night after night.  With that said, I do like to make sure my husband and child have relatively healthy, fulfilling food available to them.

#3  What was your worst kitchen disaster?

I can’t think of one particular extraordinary disaster, but the many small examples I can think of usually have to do with undercooked food.  Raw middles and frozen middles quickly come to mind.  And usually it is when I’m in a time crunch hosting people, such as my in-laws.  Oh well.  And may I also mention how thankful I am we now have a Nest smoke detector, which can tell the difference in something burning in the oven and an actual house fire.

#4  What is your favorite meal to cook?

Although not a meal, I love to make Germans Chocolate Cake.  My grandmother would always make one for my dad and his brother and sister.  After she passed away, I decided I would take on the duty of supplying the cake for every holiday.  I’m not sure that I use her exact recipe, but I use the one on the inside of the bar of Germans chocolate.  I hate to bake aside from this cake, and I am AWFUL at making the cake look pretty, but the cake still tastes really delicious.


Proof of my horrendeous frosting abilities.
#5  For whom do you most enjoy cooking?

I enjoy cooking for anyone and everyone, but most especially my husband. He is a positive critic who is kind enough (or maybe smart enough) to eat what I prepare even if it is clearly not going to be a repeat contender.  I also like to cook for my parents.  It makes me feel like I can show them I’m a grown up now.  Not that they ever questioned that, apparently I’ve been “grown” since I was 2.

#6  Do you meal plan for each week (or month)?  If so, what is the advantage for you?

YES!  Weekly.  It enables me to be prepared.  I don’t have to worry about what I will come up with for dinner after coming home from work. It also helps prevent last minute grocery store trips.

#7  If you cook for a family or other housemates, do you sit down as a group for dinner each night?  What’s your favorite part of that?

My husband and I eat together every night.  Once my son  doesn’t go to bed so early, we will definitely sit down every night as a family to eat dinner.  I feel it is crucial in setting the rule that family comes first.  It also adds to the basis of healthy eating.

#8  A tip for new or seasoned home cooks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.   You don’t always have to follow recipes exactly.  Learn to be confident in making your own recipes by adding an extra dash here, substituting this there, combining these two here.  Every meal will not turn out great, but what if you miss making your favorite meal ever because you stuck too closely to the recipe?

#9    What is your favorite color?  List three adjectives to explain your choice.


Fresh.  Clean.  Spring.

Meal Plan: 20-26 March 2016

Y’all, I’m not going to lie.  I am over No Spend March. I’m ready to peruse Pinterest for recipes to try and not be stuck to the basics and what’s in the freezer.  I truly cannot complain though.  First, this weekend is Easter, and we will be at my in-laws all weekend, so they can feed us.  Second, my parents brought a load out of their freezer last weekend, so that adds some variation to the menu this week.  I am proud to say I only bought fruit and vegetables at the grocery this week!  We’ve already put a pretty good dent in the fruit.

This week’s menu is pig heavy again.  I may never eat pork again.

Sunday 20 March:  Vegetable soup and sourdough cheese toast

  Monday 21 March:  Ham sandwich and fruit

We had a small frozen ham left from Christmas.

Tuesday 22 March:  Vegetable soup and cornbread

Wednesday 23 March:  Ham and spinach omelet, or ham, eggs, and toast.  We will see how we feel.

Thursday 24 March:  Pork chops, corn, green beans.

I have some fresh corn in the freezer for skillet corn or cream corn, depending on the mood.  The green beans will be Italian green beans.  And a skillet fried pork chop.

We are going to the in-laws Friday morning, so I will be off the hook all weekend!